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At Stal de Hameren we breed with two proven bloodlines, which were both started by Anna-Sjouk’s grandfather. Both bloodlines have huge achievements in the sport and breeding. The bloodlines are the Freiminka-bloodline (mare line NL-038) and the Ritta-bloodline (mare line NL-015). With various breeding mare’s from both bloodlines, every year averagely six to ten foals are born. In the next text the Freiminka-bloodline is elaborated on from the beginning in the 1950s till the sport horses that are currently present at our company. For a further description of the Ritta-bloodline, click here.

Freiminka-bloodline NL-mare line 038

The Freiminka-bloodline has proven itself in both the dressage and the show jumping sport. In the top dressage Totilas (Gribaldi) with rider Mathias Alexander Rath, is momentarily the main representative of the Freiminka-bloodline. Totilas his mother (Lominka) comes from the bloodline. In show jumping we come across the Freiminka-bloodline in the pedigree of the great Okidoki, who unfortunately died way too soon. His rider was Albert Zoer. Okidoki’s father (Jodokus) and grandfather (Topas) both come from the Freiminka-bloodline. The Dutch basis of this bloodline was founded by the combination BOG. Jan Boelstra (Anna-Sjouk’s grandfather) from Vrouwenparochie (on the same address where Stal de Hameren is currently located), Wiebren Oosterbaan from Tzummarum and Frans Gerbens from Stiens. In 1950 this combination imported the mare Freiminka, who at that time was part of the top segment of Oldenburger horse breeding.

Freiminka in 1950
Freiminka in 1950

In combination with the stallion Cambinus, Freiminka delivered the approved stallion Camper. According to his rapport this was a quality stallion. He won the test under the saddle and in front of the farm wagon he reached to the sixth spot. Here it became clear what his qualities were. Camper is father to five NWP approved and seven VLN approved stallions. But especially Campers daughters were of great value for sport horse breeding in the present. Show jumper Lady Wokina (Rigoletto) with Piet Mooy is bred from a Camper daughter and also the famous Mr. Blue (Couperus) is a direct descent of a Camper daughter.

Three daughters, three bloodlines
Freiminka II
Freiminka gave birth to three daughters, who each raised there own bloodline. Her oldest daughter Freiminka II (Feiner Kerl) is mother to four approved stallions of which Fortuin (Formaat) and Palermo (Polaris) are best known. Fortuin we can find in the mother line of the Olympic show jumper Vital (Joe Turi) and as mothers father of the international horse Vivaldi (Melanie Smith). Palermo performed successfully in the international show jumping sport with rider Johan Heins. From the only year that Palermo had offspring in the Netherlands he delivered the mare Lerma. From the offspring of Lerma came eight international show jumpers. SBS stallion Moujik de Sohan (Joke Mardaga) was one of them.

The second Freiminka-daughter with an own line was Raminka (Feiner Kerl). She is grandmother to the stallion Marius (Marco Polo) with whom Caroline Bradley was successful in the top sport. Within the British horse breeding Marius became father to the world-famous show jumper Milton of John Whitaker. Next to this Raminka is at the basis of the international show jumper Minka’s Diamond (Indoctro) of Emile Tacken. Just like the KWPN approved stallion Kelvin (Flemmingh), Minka’s Diamond a direct descent of Geminka (Ahorn).

The third Freiminka-daughter is by far the most important for the Dutch horse breeding. In 1965 Aminka (Camillus) gave birth to the famous Viola (Farn). All horses from the Freiminka-bloodline that are present on Stal de Hameren are from that line. The bloodline of Aminka and Viola.

Pedigree of Viola:

Fax I Fanatiker
Dorette Monarch
Camillus Cambinus
Model, Pref
Freiheit II

When Anna-Sjouk Okkema began riding on Viola it soon became clear that it was an exceptional show jumping talent. Next to being an exceptional jumper, Viola became one of the most important breeding mares in the Dutch sport horse breeding. Via Viola-daughter Ominka (Uppercut XX) Viola is the grandmother of the KWPN approved stallion Vindicator (Amor) and his full brother Warrant. Warrant was an international show jumper under this rider Chris Kappler. Vindicator is the father of the Grand Prix dressage horse Condor (Stefano van Zuylen) and the international show jumper Pan-Am (Michael Korompis). The international show jumper Ego (Walter Gabathuler) a the son of Vindicator, born out of his own grandmother Viola.


In combination with Lucky Boy XX Viola gave birth to the mare Aminka with which Bram Landa made international furore at the Young Riders.

Together with Pericles XX Viola delivered the daughters Usminka and Wominka. Usminka is the grandmother to the international and approved show jumper Iowa (Libero H) of Emma Wester. From a limited number foals Iowa delivered the international show jumper Owendel of rider Eric van der Vleuten.

Wominka is the grandmother of the international show jumper Limminka of Emile Tacken. Limminka’s father Topas is also a direct descent of Viola.

Viola’s KWPN approved son Topas (Marco Polo) provided the Dutch sport horse breeding with a large number of international show jumpers. A few are: Sovjet Look (Sven Harmsen), Aviola (Jenny Zoer) Equitana (Emile Tacken), Killian (Giuseppe Rolli), Little Big Man (Laura Chapot), Libidou (Keean White), Napoleon D (Mikael Forsten), Mondriaan (William Funnel) and Odalinda (Mattijs van Asten).

To conclude this section we will concentrate on the offspring of Viola’s grandson Jodokus (Ramiro Z. x Abgar xx). Jodokus is the father of the great international show jumper Okidoki. One of worlds best show jumpers ever. This top horse won many prices under his rider Albert Zoer. Okidoki’s mother is a daughter of Topas and because of this the genes of Viola are double secured in Okidoki’s pedigree. Father and grandfather are part of the Freiminka-bloodline. The mare line of Okidoki is called the Koteusi-bloodline. Just like Okidoki’s bloodline, the bloodlines of the earlier mentioned Limminka ans Ego have a double secured Viola bloodline.


Pedigree of Okidoki:

Jodokus Ramiro
Keur, Pref, Prest
Abgar xx
Model, Pref, Prest
Sport(spr), Ster
Topas Marco Polo
Model, Pref, Prest
Fanny Record

Strange similarity among the stallions from the Freiminka-bloodline: Vindicator as well as Topas as well as Jodokus were disapproved by the KWPN because of various reasons. Nevertheless they all had a huge positive influence on the sport horse breeding, by delivering many international performing offspring. The Freiminka’s apparently don’t fit in the selection method used by the KWPN, but it is without a doubt that they have had a massive contribution to the top sport and the top horse breeding.